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An Evening of Great Food, Wine & Fun

Bistro49 celebrated its first harvest dinner with 20 of its newest friends


In early February of this year #ChefKC set out to create a new dinner series at Bistro49. "Let's call it our 'Amador Uncorked' harvest dinner event", he said.

So we did.

His goal was to bring a variety of local Amador County wines to the bistro so he could create dishes to pair with the wines. We were all excited to get the ball rolling. "Let's make this fun", he said. "Go get me some wine."

On Saturday morning (the day of the event) Teresa, Natasha and I headed out to Sutter Creek and Plymouth to taste a few local wines for the dinner. We had a fun morning doing our "research", starting first at the Baiocchi tasting room then Easton/Terre Rouge and ending at Vino Noceto. When we returned back to the bistro with the wine selections at close to 3 o'clock in the afternoon Chef KC was patiently waiting. A few sips later Chef KC and Chef Rodney were off to the kitchen to start creating the night's feast.

Did I mention the dinner started at 5 o'clock that evening?

If you don't know Chef KC too well I'll let you in on a little secret. He really hates to pre-plan menus for his events. "It takes all the creative fun away", he says. It's like the television show Chopped, where the contestants get a basket of odd foods and are forced to create something (hopefully) edible from the ingredients. Chef KC would win that show.

Two hours later twenty guests arrived to a champagne welcome, followed by their first course, a delicious salad with a variety of beets, apples, carrots and candied walnuts topped with Chef KC's tasty prickly pear vinaigrette.

The second course, a wild salmon filet on pea puree with a warm tomato mushroom ragout topped with sage butter followed shortly thereafter. When the guests were finished everyone was invited to the front patio by the fire pit for another glass of bubbles and a tour of the rear patio area where a new outdoor seating area will be added later this year.

After the intermission two additional courses followed. A roasted pork loin with brussels sprouts and pork caramel started the round, followed by a grass fed beef filet from Winterport Farm in Ione atop a cauliflower puree with cranberry demi glace. Deliciousness at every bite.

A final dessert course of chocolate panna cotta closed the evening.

Having twenty of our new closest friends join us to celebrate the winter harvest made the evening quite special, and we look forward to our next Amador Uncorked dinner in just a few weeks. Be sure to join the fun! Tickets to our events are available on the events page.

Have a question about Bistro49 I can answer? Hit me up anytime at

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