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One Glass at a Time

My husband asked me to write a little something to introduce myself, so here it is. I am Teresa. One of five people involved in this crazy exciting endeavor that is #Bistro49. In my day time life, I am a high school teacher and a mom of two college kids with a lot of responsibility on my plate. Speaking of plate, (see what I did?) over the years I have often enjoyed a good meal and a great glass of wine in the evening with family and friends, so this adventure seems like the perfect hobby for me.

Beautiful Bubbles at the Beach

I was also asked to provide a picture of myself with a glass in hand, but had a bit of a difficult time trying to complete the assignment. You see, I take lots of pictures OF glasses of wine that I am drinking AT fun locations that I have visited, but in none of the pictures do I appear! I found this perplexing and a challenge. So for now, please enjoy the photos of the places I’ve been and the wine I have shared and know that in the future I will make sure to appear in at least one picture; one picture that is carefully staged with just the right lighting to capture the magic that is wine and Bistro49.

My intentions for today were to be up and about early, load my picnic basket with snacks, pick up my friend and hit the trail to Amador County’s beautiful Shenandoah wine valley to taste and choose local wines for Bistro49. But Mother Nature had other plans and has continued to drop a torrential amount of rain on my day. So I’ll sit here by the fire with my mimosa reading our March menu and do some wine research from home one glass at a time.

Our region is known for its hardy reds. These reds pair well with any of our new grass fed steaks procured from local provider Winterport Farms in Ione, California. Maybe a zin for this menu item? Yes, a zin, that sounds delicious. And perhaps we’ll find a lovely Barbera to go with the newly added braised pork belly with sweet pea puree, cilantro citrus crust and watermelon radish slaw. The pork is from local provider Golden Acre Farms in Volcano. So many fresh local choices on the March menu from our own incredible foothill community.

Looking out my window it is still pouring down rain from the sky. I’ll just sip this mimosa… what goes well with bubbles? Um, if you know me, you know I’m going to say that anything and everything go well with a good bottle of bubbles! But seriously, on the current menu I would offer a delicious cava to go with our equally delicious lobster mac n’ cheese or maybe a nice glass of Brut with the prawn carbonara? No matter what you pick you can't go wrong, it's all delicious.

I am not a wine professional, nor do I claim to be. I am just an individual who enjoys good wine with good food in a great local environment with friends and family. If you’re in the restaurant on a night that I'm in the house, please stop me and introduce yourself. I would love to meet you all and talk wine and bubbles. And please watch for my updates as I visit our local wineries and begin to add them to our menu.

I'll be a regular poster on the #Bistro49 blog page. If you haven't already seen our introductory post about the bistro you'll find it here.

If you have any questions about the restaurant or have a local wine you'd like us to feature reach out to me at

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