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Visit us at Amador Four Fires

A few weeks ago #Bistro49 was invited to be one of the presenting restaurants at the 2019 Amador Four Fires event in Plymouth, California.

We're honored to have been invited to participate in this fabulous event. After a little thought, we chose to represent the "Heritage California" region, as the "49" in our #Bistro49 name pays tribute to our home in the California Mother Lode along state highway 49 in #Jackson.

#ChefKC and #ChefRodney are hard at work designing our open pit cooking fire and the delicious menu we'll be preparing on-site. If you're a wine and food lover this is definitely an event you'll love. More information and tickets are available on the Amador Four Fires web site. We hope to see many of our #Bistro49 family there!

Amador Four Fires will be held at the Amador County fairgrounds on May 4, 2019.

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