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Vital Component of success

As a thought to go with my blog series, I want to talk about consistency. Not just in the kitchen and the hospitality business. But, in all aspects of life, I have found that consistency breeds success. But not only success, but it's also more than that. Breeding consistent success in all aspects of life. There are no short cuts to achieving your goals/dreams, it comes when you have bumped your head so much. That you begin to listen to what life is trying to teach you. The issue with most is. Our nature creates unearned ego and stubbornness, that will continually make our lives hell. Another point is, its much easier to blame people and everyone around you versus looking in the mirror. The first step on any road to success is the reality that it is always your fault. Your wins along with your losses are your fault. So why not make decisions that you can stand on, your consistency will allow the growth needed to succeed at whatever it is you want to accomplish. In the kitchen, you can't call yourself a professional without the consistency of your craft. When I was on the line, it came to a point in my career that I made it a point. That my station and my line was always on point. Never would my chef have to go on me because my line was not set up or ready for service. It seems that mindset has gone by the wayside in today's culinary generation. A good question to ask anyone you consider successful is "how many years did it take you to become a overnight success. Most people only see the finish line and not the road traveled to reach the finish line.

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